My First Ride

It was a week ago from this day that I got to know about the Ride which was being conducted by Distinct Riderz Club and Rideofy in collaboration. As a part of Rideofy team, I was getting a chance to experience my First Ride. I’ve always wanted to go on a Ride after watching all those YouTube Videos on Long Rides and Travelling VLogs.

So finally the date arrived and the ride was scheduled at 5:30AM, I couldn’t sleep last night as I the excitement was at its peak. I woke up at 4:00AM after a 2hrs of Sleep and got ready for the Day. I started my Scooty(Maestro Edge, Yes I ride a Scooty just like any other College going Student.) and left for the Store. The shutters were just being pulled up when I reached and some riders were already there, waiting. I got in and took a glance at the Beast, Royal Enfield Thunderbird 500 dressed in Vardenchi Camo Kit and Boy I was EXCITED.

Slowly riders started coming in and the store started filling up with Motorbike Enthusiasts, It was the atmosphere I was looking for, People assembling and discussing about Bikes!! One of the Mechanics from our Store gave a brief practical session about Bike Starting Issues and later discussion went on with a QnA session. Later, Sandeep Singh, a DRC member gave instructions to the riders about the Signs being used while riding and general rules to be followed before starting the Ride.

It was time now that people got out of the Store and Fired up their Engines, And I took out my ride for the day. All excited and pumped up for the ride I pulled the choke and pushed the Kick down to fire up the sleeping Beast. After Cold-Starting the Engine, I also got into the formation and we were all set for the 200KM Ride. And as I must mention, this is a one Powerful Bike and with the combination of Barrel Exhaust, it was the loudest bike in the group. After taking some time to adjust on the Bike, I was now pretty comfortable riding it and had my full control.

Our first stop was Ambience Mall, Gurugram where more riders were waiting to join in the ride. And that was the spot where I spotted the two beauties, BMW G 310GS and 310R. And luckily those were available for a Test Ride once we reach our Destination. Once everyone was ready, all the engines were fired up and everyone got into the formation. And this was the spot where someone complimented me, “Paaji, thodi Enfield bohut Loud hai yaar!!” and that made me smile.

The ride started and it was going awesome, the bike was performing perfect and everyone was really enjoying the early morning Ride as the roads were mostly empty and the weather was near perfect. After crossing the Gurugram Corporate Area we were now on the Highway with the scenic beauty around us. The Aravali Hills were giving us the fresh breeze and a short patch of Twisty Roads was perfect to ride on.

After riding for almost an hour and a half, we reached our destination (Heritage Haveli, Rewari). After parking our bikes it was time for a Photo Session, where we were told about the free Test Ride of the BMW G 310GS and 310R. We had our Breakfast after which an Interactive Session took place between the riders and the Experienced ones shared their Riding Experiences mostly realted to Ladakh and Manali Trips. It was very informative and something which you’ll never find in any of the YouTube Videos or Articles.


And this was the time for me to Ride the BMW G 310GS, and it was another pointer being ticked off on my Bucket List. The Bike was just amazing and gave the purest justification of its Price marking. The engine was so refined and the just by sitting on the bike you could get a Premium feeling. After a satisfying Spin of the bike and trying Saddling on the Bike, all I could say is that it’s a bike worth every penny spent.

Later after chilling at the Pool and interacting with the Riders, it was time for us to head back to the City and get busy with our Usual Stuff. After clicking some pictures with the Bike we got on the Highway. After driving for a while my Back started to get hurt and it was quite expected as this was my first ride and I had pushed myself to 100 KMs straight. I took a break on my way back and after drinking a Bottle of Water, I continued my Journey.


The best part about these Early Morning Rides is that they start early and even by the time you reach your Home, you still have time to do your daily chorus. I reached the store at 1PM, parked the 500CC Beast and thanked my Employer to give me a chance to be a part of this wonderful Ride. I picked up my Scooty, reached home and took a nap. And here I am after 2 hours of sleep updating my WhatsApp DP with the Bike, Uploading the Stories and Writing this Article while sipping in the Hot Coffee.


Hope you enjoyed this Article and do give your Opinion about the same. And pardon me for any mistakes as this is my very first Article. Cheers and Keep Riding!!

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