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Perhaps one of the Motorcycle Industry’s most recognizable names, Murthaza Junaid started off as a part-time mechanic when he was barely 14. Junaid, an Automobile Engineer, own 20 REs. Holder of several trophies and record holder for the fastest uphill RE ride on Nandi Hills.

He can currently be spotted working in his Warehouse, Art Of Motorcycles or you find him in Ladakh living his passion by providing Bike Tour Services.


In this Guest Blog, Junaid talks about his love, passion and his relationship with his work.

I fell in love with Motorcycles in UKG/LKG, when my father was posted in Chikmagalur. He used to make me sit on the tank and take me to the Mountains. I always used to have that smile, that happiness which I still contain whenever I hop onto a Motorcycle.

I grew up as a normal kid but whenever I used to sit on a Motorcycle, I used to feel that breeze on my face and that always made me smile. And the second thing which made a huge impact on me was the Mechanic. Whenever my dad used to take me to the Mechanic, I never used to look up to him as a Mechanic, I saw him as a Magician. Because that guy used to come around the bike and start talking, “Sir aapka Tapid loose hai, yeh gya hai and yeh aap next time karwa lijiyega!”. I used to wonder, How can he talk to a Motorcycle?. How can a person tell stuff by just taking a look at the bike?. That’s where it all began.

I wanted to learn some skills apart from my Degree, so I worked in a Workshop, without my Parent’s knowledge.

After that, I got into Automobile Engineering, then Racing and at the same time being a Technician. And at the end of the day, I used to earn money because of this, so there was a Return Of Investment. And my parents were, so I was happy too.

So I started dedicating myself and creating a ambience for my work and that’s how Art Of Motorcycles was born.

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