Types of Motorcycle Riding Jacket

A good motorcycle riding jacket is undoubtedly a very important piece of riding gear. In terms of importance, it comes second in the list after the motorcycle helmets. A good riding jacket is not just a piece of clothing, a real riding jacket with right inserts safeguards the upper body of a rider. The shoulders, forearms, back, spine and elbow get protection by using a good riding jacket.

The best jackets for riding are perfect example of engineering and style. They are constructed to fit you as second skin. They provide you protection while you are riding and also in case of unfortunate events.

Various types of riding jackets are available in market. Let’s discuss the types here.

  1. Textile Jackets– Mostly these types of jackets have two inner liners. One is waterproof liner and the other is detachable thermal liner. Since their outer shell is mostly not breathable, they come with air vents for ventilation. Mostly textile jackets are suitable for cold weather conditions.
  2. Mesh Jackets– These jackets have mesh panels which enables proper ventilation to the rider. A mesh jacket may or may not have a waterproof liner depending on the manufacturer and models. These jackets are suitable for Indian consumers because f hot and humid climate throughout the year.
  3. All time Jackets– As the name implies, these jackets are suitable for most of the weather conditions. They come with proper removable liners which can be used to customize the jackets as per the rider’s need.
  4. Touring Jackets– Touring jackets have to be an all-rounder. They have to be rugged and comfortable at the same time. Mostly they come in two variations- either mesh outer shell with removable liners, or textile outer shell with huge air vents and removable liners. These are jackets if you ride for long hours in unprecedented weather conditions.
  5. Leather Jackets– They are best in look and feel. They are the premium jackets for riding bikes. They are made from superior quality leather and are definitely rugged due to high abrasion and wear resistant properties of leather.
  6. Body armors and vests– They aren’t exactly jackets but serve the task of keeping a rider safe in all conditions.

In the end, if you are in dilemma of deciding whether you need a riding jacket for small distance rides, then there is no need to think more because the answer is obviously yes! You can check the Riding Jackets available at Rideofy.

No matter whenever you ride a bike, you should always stay protected. The asphalt road doesn’t differentiate between bike and body and it will have same impact on both. Wear a jacket and ride safe.

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