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MK Customs is a well known for its Bike Modification and Accessories Designing. Milan Khurana, the man behind the Brand has honored us by sharing his Experience for all our Readers.

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When I was in 7th Standard, first thought of riding a bike and customizing it according to my taste came into my mind. I used to have a Kids Kick Scooter at my house, so I thought of doing something on it.

I thought of installing a Motor on its rear wheel and thankfully my Father helped me a lot in this. So finally after a lot of hard work, it was ready and completing it satisfied me to a whole new level. It used to move at a speed of 3KMPH and we had installed a On/Off switch on it for Power.

Then, we used to have a Scooty of my Mom which was just parked, no one used to ride it. And since my father was having a Business, fabricators used to come to our house for work and stuff. Next thing, I decided to convert that Scooty into a Bike. I discussed this with a Fabricator and we Cut the Scooty into Half. Then, we designed a new Chassis for it and remodeled it into a Bike.


My Dad’s Business was going good, so it was a good Backup for me and I got a opportunity to work on my Dreams. Dad also told me to do anything that interests me. My Sister was a Doctor, and I used to pass on Margins. So, one thing was clear that studying wasn’t a very good option. I wanted to do something related to Bikes and Designing only. My Sister told me about Automotive Designing and I was interested in that. So I did Automotive Designing from Pune.

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Then I joined DC, initially as a Designer. I used to make designs on Computer, people used to die for Designers Job, a desk job but I wasn’t enjoying doing that. I told my Manager, “Sir mai bore ho gya hun”. Next I got transferred into another Department, under a different manager.

My job was to supervise the projects. I worked on a Volvo Bus for Godrej, it was a Showroom On Wheels design, so we did that pretty well. And then, we got to work on SRK’s Vanity Van, I supervised that Project. I was doing well, so I got promoted and one day DC noticed my work and came to me and told me, “Tu Bohut Aaage Jaega”.


On 13th may 2016, I started working on my own Street 750, striped it down and made a Kit for it. Basically, I customised it according to my choice and worked on the things that I didn’t like.

Then during the time of Demonetisation, I got my first Customer. Yes, at the time of Demonetisation. Our store is near a Bank, so the line used to stretch up till our Custom House. People used to visit our Custom House by leaving the line to take a look at the Bikes which were parked there.

So, that’s how we got our first customer.


Here at MK Customs, we show different designs to the customers to understand his/her choice better, then according to his/her choice we show them more options in the same category for a deeper understanding of what the customer is looking for and what will suit him/her the best.

And being a Designer, I also design Accessories for Harleys and Other Bikes. And currently we are customizing Bikes and also manufacturing accessories, which we even export to other Countries.


Where everything is changing everything, one thing always remains constant, Whenever a Bike is Completed, I want to keep the Bike.

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