Java 300 vs Royal Enfield Bullet 350

Royal Enfield has been the go-to choice for those who are looking to buy a retro motorbike. However, now it faces its toughest challenge from an old competitor Jawa. They have launched their 300cc bike after teasing it for so many months with a bobber, classic, and retro-modern as the variants. So, at the present situation, if you are looking for a new retro motorcycle, which one will you choose of these two? Let’s compare the two bikes and see which one would be better for you.

Features and the Design

Royal Enfield Bullet 350

The Royal Enfield Bullet 350 is the modern interpretation of the company’s classic bikes from the 70s. The bodywork of this bike is very minimal which is limited to the battery cover, airbox, and mudguards. The front seat of the bike also has springs which will add to the comfort level.  The capacity of the fuel tank is around 13.5 litres.


Jawa 300


Jawa on the hand has made their 300cc bike in a classic retro style. You will find it hard to actually figure out the differences from the bikes that were sold during the 70s and 80s. They put a lot of attention on the detailing of the engine which is absolutely stunning. The capacity of the fuel tank of Jawa 300 is 14 litres.


The Engine

Royal Enfield Bullet 350


Royal Enfield has used their classing engine in Bullet 350. The 346cc long stroke and air-cooled engine give the motorbike the signature thumb. The power output of the bike is also quite decent.  The weight of the bike is a humongous 192kg.


Jawa 300


Though the design of Jawa 300 is old school, they are using a fairly modern 293cc motor which is based on liquid cooling. The bike also has two overhead cams which are excellent. The weight of the bike is around 170kg which is 22 kg less than its Royal Enfield competition. On paper, Jawa’s engine looks much stronger.

Suspension and Underpinnings

Royal Enfield Bullet 350

The Bullet 350 of Royal Enfield has one downtube frame that makes use of the engine. It has 35mm conventional from front forks which are telescopic with 130mm of travel absorbers and along with that, the bike has got twin preloaded and highly adaptable shock absorbers at the rear portion with 80mmof travel.


Jawa 300


This is where the 300cc Jawa bike lacks. With front forks which are telescopic, it has a cradled frame. Also, it has shock absorbers which are gas charged at the back. Here, Royal Enfield will get a nod ahead.


Royal Enfield Bullet 350

You will get Royal Enfield Bullet 350 at around 1.39 lakhs and the ex-showroom price of the bike is around 1.62 lakhs.

Jawa 300


You will get Jawa 300 at around 1.65 lakhs which is the ex-showroom price.

The Verdict

Finally, Royal Enfield Bullet 350 offers you a retro-modern bike with old school specifications. On the other hand, Jawa 300 is a bike which will offer you a classic look with modern mechanicals. So, you will be riding a modern bike with classic look. 

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