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It began in 2009 when I got a call from a friend, he called me to a location and showed me a motorcycle. And it happened to be an imported Motorcycle. My first question like evry indian was “Kitne ki hai?” and the second one “Kitna deti hai?”.

 Then Harley Davidson came in and I happen to visit the harley store. I wanted to buy a Jacket and ended up buying a Motorcycle. I didn’t have that much money but I had to get all my savings out and I bought the Motorcycle. Then I started riding, initially it was Lonavala and then many more places.

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Most of the people asked me, “How much did your Butt hurt during the World ride?”. Trust me you get used to it, your Butt gets used to it. So when I used to go to Lonavala, I used to take 4 Breaks because my ass used to hurt. So this is how the Passion Started.

 And then I fine day I came across a Documentary called Long Way Around. And that thing added into Things to do before your Die. Then I told people that I want to ride around the world on a Motorcycle, they used to say Na-Na not possible because for Indian people Visa Process. It takes a lot of time, a lot of process and a lot of countries you can’t enter.

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Then I got to know about Nepal and Bhutan. So I went to Nepal. And the guy whom I did the world ride with, DJ. He rode with me to Bhutan also. And that is how our bonding happened.

 Big rides are based on Relationship & Bonding.

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So everytime I used to a Biker, he used to say “You’ve been to Nepal, that’s good. Ladakh kiya kya?”, “You”ve been to Bhutan, that’s good. Ladakh kiya kya?”. I used to be like “Shit”.

 Then me and some of my fellow riders, we did Singapore. And when we came back, people used to ask “Oh, you’ve been to Singapore, that fantastic! Ladakh kiya kya?”. So now it was like a certificate that to be a Biker you’ve to go to Ladakh. 

Then we made a team and planned on going to Ladakh and otherwise if I’ve been to World Ride first and came back and people would’ve been “Oh, you’ve done a World Ride, Awesome but have you been to Ladakh?”. That would’ve been dissapointing. So, 5 of us,  we went to Ladakh. 

Now there were 2 of us left in the One World One Ride team. Now the biggest challenge was the Visa process. So anytime you apply for Visa, they’ll tell you that you can’t apply anytime before 6 months. So there’s a lot of logistics required when you plan the World Ride. 

 In many countries there was a Visa on arrival so that was sorted. But I couldn’t do African continent because they denied me a Visa because they were asking for a Flight Ticket. And a lot fo times when we used to cross the borders, they used to click pictures of our Passport saying “Hmm, Indian First Time!”.

 So first you need to plan out the Iternary of which Country First and which one at the last and apply for the Visa accordingly. Also you need to look after the Terrains that you’re going to ride on, becase if you don’t, you’re gonna face trouble.

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 So 2 years of planning the World Ride and then the Execution. When we started it, the toughest road were India. So when we were going to Imphal, there was no road from Kohima to Imphal. So our first reaction was, “Yahan tak aane mei yeh haalat hai, aage kya hoga?”. But as started progressing, it was nice.

 The beautiful thing about the World Ride is when you meet the people and you don’t know the language. What do you do? It’s the emotion that connects. So this is how you communicate when you can’t understand the language. 

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China was very beautiful for me, because at one place we were on the verge of War with them and when we entered china and used to stop somewhere, people used to offer us Fruits out of there basket and mostly it was Watermelons. 

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Crossing Russia was a very Good Experience and DJ had a fall. We had to stay back and we stayed in a lovely town called St. Petersburg.

 To sum it up, God Made Man and Man Made Boundaries.

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