Check Out These 5 Best Helmet Brands in India

Helmet is one of the most essential things for a regular as well as for an occasional bike rider that not only helps you to be safe from police but more importantly helps you to avoid injuries in case you get caught up into an accident. But the problem with most of us is that we tend to opt for cheap helmets rather than quality ones which put our life in danger. You shall always bank on the best helmet brands in India while buying the helmets to be safe and secure while riding your bike.

5 Best Helmet brands in India –

SHOEI – This Japanese brand is one of the biggest suppliers of helmets in India. It is one of the best helmet brands in India that not only provides you with rigid and durable helmets but also features a classy look.

best helmet brands in India

These helmets are accepted around the world and are available in a wide array of designs from full face to flip up or the open faced ones to help you be safe while riding your favorite bike.

HJC – For those who love sports style helmets, there is hardly any brand better than HJC as it offers you a wide array of sports helmets that add to the look of the rider.

best helmet brands in India

The best thing with the brand is that you will have unique and stylish products at very affordable prices thus making them the most popular helmet brand.

AEROSTAR – Another company that has seen its stock rising in the last few years because of its unique designs and durability.

AEROSTAR has become one of the best helmet brands in India and is especially popular amongst the girls because of the color options and designs that are available for you. The brand is especially popular in North India; being the leading seller in this region.

THH – These Taiwani helmet maker in no time have captured the markets; thanks to their innovative and eye catching designs of helmets.


The 3D modeling of the helmet makes it look so attractive that almost everyone these days opts for the helmets from THH.

Royal Enfield – The name speaks for itself as the brand is one of the best helmet brands in India from over a century and has unprecedented sale all over India.

Especially when you own a Royal Enfield bike, this helmet is most suitable. These helmets are most durable and safe and can be life saving for the rider when he meets with any accident.

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