4 Bike trips-4 Directions in India on your Royal Enfield

You owning a ROYAL ENFIELD motorcycle depict your love for bike trips. In this article we will tell you about top 4 routes you can drive on, for some memorable experiences on your Royal Enfield.


The trip in Northern part of India, the trip to Ladakh is literally a dream bike ride for every motorbike enthusiast. This adventurous ride is a mesmerizing experience of a lifetime. Amidst the challenges of Mother Nature and beautiful scenery you have to be confident. You have to be ever-ready for the unpredictable situations that come your way during this trip.

The best season for this trip is from June to October.

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Heart-warming landscapes make a bike ride to Western Arunachal Pradesh worth every effort. The roads here are unpaved and may be challenging to drive on. To be the ‘cherries’ on top; the addition of waterfalls, paddy fields, alpine forests, small villages, occasional landslides etc. provides the joy and thrill of riding.

The best season for this trip is from March to May or October to November.

west arunacha
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This trip to southern part of India is one of the toughest bike ride routes in India. ‘Kolli Hills’ a scenic hill station, is situated in Eastern Ghats of Tamilnadu. The hills are known for their 70 hairpin bends which are a big challenge for riders. There are breath-taking moments on high altitude which gives an adrenaline rush in your body.

The best season for this trip is throughout the year.

kolli hills
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This underestimated trip from Rann of Kutch to the city of Ahmedabad can prove to be a rough diamond. The trip consists of visuals from silver sand, salt marsh and huge landscapes. Flat lands make you cruise your bike throughout the life and gives a heavenly feel.

The best season for this trip is December to March.

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