3 Essential Factors to Check When Buying a Motorcycle Helmet

Helmets are the most important riding gear that you can’t compromise on to stay safe. The main purpose of wearing a helmet is to help your skull protect your brain in case of anything unfortunate. However, many motorcycle riders end up buying something that don’t meet the safety standards. In addition to the different styles which include full face, motocross and open face helmets, you also need to consider a number of other factors. In this blog, we discuss the factors to consider when buying a helmet.

Outer Shell

Check the outer shell of the helmet to ensure that you are buying the right accessory. Make sure that the outer shell is made of a solid yet lightweight material such as polycarbonate. The reason is polycarbonate doesn’t make you uncomfortable because of excess weight and is also sturdy enough to survive a crash. Though these helmets may be expensive, it is worth the expenditure.

Inner Liner or Foam

Whether you are planning to buy a full face or open face helmet, make sure that you check the inner foam. The inner line as can be understood is the second line of protection. The inner foam absorbs shocks in case there is an accident, which is the reason why it is made of expanded polystyrene. If you live in hot and humid areas, make sure that the inner line is sweat and oil proof. Go for laser cut ones as these have a superior fit.


This is especially important when you buy a full face helmet. The helmet should provide enough ventilation ports so that you can breathe with ease. This will also ensure that you don’t feel suffocated. The vision also needs to be scratch proof and fog resistant for early morning rides.

Last Few Words

Those were only a few important factors to consider when looking for the right accessory. Whether you are looking for light weight open face helmets or open face helmets for your Royal Enfield, make sure you check these points before making the final decision.

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